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Hurry! Almost time!

Market closes at 7pm. I’m about to break a sales record here. Help me out!

You may want to consider Christmas. There are plenty of hand crafted, homemade preserves and goodies from Plymouth Rock and Ground to Table. Save them up, don’t eat them (ya, it’s a challenge) and give them as gifts. Honey, Jam and a fresh loaf of bread in a basket to a friend is a great Christmas gift. I shall give you my address if you don’t know who to give them to…..

As we close, please remember our vendors and the work they put into your products. Our bakers prepare your baked items the morning of delivery. I have had to go back to the bakeries to pickup items that were not quite out of the oven. Last time I had a nice young man run a hot loaf of poppyseed bread to me in the car as I was pulling away for one of you. Most of your vendors have 2 jobs. Farming and baking are their first loves, but they need to work another job to support their farming/baking lifestyles. You benefit from that.

I am looking forward to my Copra onions that will keep along time, well; unless I eat them all sooner than expected. I do have a bushel of peppers in the fridge that I will saute’ up with these onions, throw a few eggs into and serve on rye toast from Bridgets Bakery.

I’ll email one more time after delivery. The freeze means more to me this year. I am not only losing my garden, I am losing contact with all of you. So…..
Happy Halloween!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!
etc etc.

See ya soon