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Market is open !

Ground to Table salsa is especially delicious this time of year.

Made from all natural products, try Pear, Cranberry, or Tomato. All delicious !

Market open for a few more hours

The Market will be open for a few more hours until 7pm, so you have a chance to get your orders for the week in. You might want to consider some great products for winter chapped skin from Double D’s Bees or treat yourself to some jam, jelly, or delicious Marinara sauce (makes great chili!) from Ground to Table. And keep dreaming of spring….

The Market is open

Hi everyone! The Market is open until Tuesday night….even though it doesn’t feel like it, spring is coming very soon! March is coming in like a lion, but animals and plants alike know before we do that spring is on its way. Outside the maple sap is beginning to flow! Our geese began laying again, after a long winter, and gave us two beautiful big white eggs today! Many gardeners are starting plants indoors (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, onions) and the temperature outdoors is supposed to climb to the 50’s by the end of the week. Melt, snow, melt! Good things are going to start growing again and we’ll be here to deliver them to you….thanks again for supporting local farms and eating local!

New Market Manager

The Market is open until Tuesday evening, and I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself as your new Market Manager! I’m really excited to be a part of this market, and will work hard to make it a good one. I’ve been involved with CSA, Farmer’s Markets, and gardening/animals/4H for about 20 years. I look forward to meeting everyone and being a part of a group that supports local farmers. Drop me a line anytime with questions, ideas, requests, or just to say “hi!” Thanks! Jenny Buttke

Thanksgiving Turkeys !

Thanksgiving Turkeys – Only 2 Left !

Fresh, organically raised, free range turkeys. If you have to be a Thanksgiving Turkey, being raised on the Redmer Farm is about as good as it gets. We truly pamper these birds. They are large breasted bronze — truly beautiful. We hand raise a small number of these every year and give each one individual attention. We do not use any antibiotics or hormones. We feed only certified organic grain from Nature’s Organics supplemented with organic heirloom vegetables from the garden. We allow them to wander free all over the farm. They can graze in the pastures, wander about in the woods, chase down bugs, and fly up to sit where they wish. There hasn’t been a chemical used on Redmer farm land in over 30 years, so their freedom doesn’t expose them to any herbicides or pesticides. We do bring them in at night so they can roost protected from predators.

Most of my turkeys have been already sold. But I do have 2 left which I am offering through the market. Each turkey is $100. This includes processing at Twin Cities Pack and delivery to your door. They will be delivered on Saturday, November 17.

They can be kept fresh under proper refrigeration for up to one week which means through Thanksgiving. After that they should be frozen. I will be e-mailing customers so that I can get delivery directions. Thank you.