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Now that I have your attention...

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Market is Open! New Vendors and Pork Chop Sale!

The Market is now open! Shop until Tuesday evening.

Welcome to Bridget’s Bakery! Bridget specializes in homemade breads, muffins, cookies and scones.

Welcome to Pacesetter Alpacas! Shop for Suri Alpaca yarns, rovings, rugs, socks and dryer balls.

Ruegsegger Farms has a sale this week through this market only! Buy 5 packages of bone-in pork chops and receive 5 percent off total price and get 1 dozen eggs for free!
How to buy: Add 5 packages of Ruegsegger bone-in pork chops to your cart. Total price will show $58. Your actual price will be $55. Ruegesegger eggs will be added to your order and you will receive free delivery! Ruegsegger Farms raises pork on a diet of (non-GMO) dried barley, organic produce scraps, vitamins, minerals and fresh grass pasture. They never use antibiotics or growth hormones and animals are allowed plenty of exercise and fresh air.

Thank you for shopping local!

Place Your Order Until 7:00 pm Tonight!

Place your order today and have fresh, local food delivered to your door! The parsnips from Plymouth Rock Farm are sweet as candy! Order until 7:00 pm tonight, delivery is on Thursdays. Your support of local food not only benefits your health, but also your community.

The Market is Open! Growing Season is Coming Soon!

The Market is now open until 7:00 pm Tuesday. Spring is on the way and that means early spring produce will be coming soon! In the meantime why not order an all natural Pork Roast from either Trautman Family Farms or Ruegsegger Farms and slow roast it with a glaze of Farm to Table’s Cranberry Chutney. I did this last week and it was delicious! Watch for new vendors coming soon! Thank you for supporting local food.

Market is Closed. Come back next week.

Market is closed for this week. Come back next Sunday through Tuesday and place your orders. Thank you for your support of Local Food!

Market Open and Link!

Market open until Tuesday evening at 7 pm. Click and take a look

Market is Open! New Products!

Welcome back! The Market is open until Tuesday evening, April 9th. Check out our new Vendor, Ruegsegger Farms. Purveyor of All Natural Beef, Pork and Chicken in various size packages to suit all needs. Check back often, we are adding new Vendors almost weekly!

Market Open Until 7:00 pm!

Market will be open for ordering until 7:00 pm! Place your order and check out our newest vendor Ananda Organics, all natural bath and body products.

Market is Open and a Contest!

The market is open! Place your orders until 7 pm Tuesday evening.


Southcentral Wisconsin Regional Harvest is a mouthfull, so we decided to have a little contest to come up with a new name for our on-line farmer’s market. The new name should reference Southern Wisconsin, local food and delivery, but be catchy and shorter. E-mail your entries to or find us on Facebook and post in a message or the comment section. Winner will be chosen by the Market Managers and will receive a $20 gift certificate to use on great local products of their choice from the market! You can enter as many times as you would like. Contest ends on Earth Day which is April 22nd. Looking forward to your creative ideas!

Market is Open!

The market is now open until Tuesday evening, March 26th.
Welcome to our newest vendor, Ananda Organics! Locally made and organically sourced bath and body products. Why not sip a cup of Tranquil Moments tea from the Magically Herbal Tea Company while you are soaking in a hot bath with Lavender Dead Sea Bath Salts from Ananda Organics.