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This page contains news, event information, and other items added by the market managers.

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Hurry! Order within 2 hours!

The market will be closing in a couple of hours. What would you like to cook this weekend? Steaks on the grill? Home-made Pico de gallo? How about a couple of brownies for breakfast on Sunday with your freshly brewed coffee. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert – it’s all here. And we deliver to your home for a small fee.

See ya soon

Ready to order? Cukes & tomatoes and more.

Happy Monday to you all. The market is open for your orders until tomorrow night.

Love tomatoes in January, but do not like to can? Freeze them! Yes, freeze them.
Drop tomatoes into boiling water; leave for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Remove. Put tomatoes into ice water bath. Remove as soon as possible. Skins will start to fall off. Cut off stems and bruises and remove skins.

Stick your thumb into the tomatoes to remove seeds and excess juice. (This is kind of fun, but you will get squirted) When they are cool, put them in a ziplock bag and freeze. Simple. Pull them out in January and throw into your chili or other dishs.

Want to appear fancy at your next party? Get a fresh bagette, slice in 1/2 inch rounds. Mix cream cheese and dill and a little season salt and garlic powder. Soften in microwave for 10-20 seconds. Spread mixture on bagette rounds. On top of cream cheese mixture, lay rounds of sliced peeled cucumbers. Cover and put in fridge.

Some of you will ask me how much cream cheese; how much garlic powder… I’m sorry, I just don’t know. I start with a brick of cream cheese and start adding things until it tastes right. Grandma would be proud of me.

By the way; I am your new market manager. My name is Merry. I hope to brighten your day with recipes and stories of gardening and family heritage. I live on the little acerage that my grandparents owned in the 1940’s. If this dirt could talk!

Look at all the products our wonderful vendors have for you to order. New items are added often.

See you soon!

Market Open !

Miss the farmer’s market this weekend ? 35+ local vegetable choices here, starting at $1.

300+ total items…

Closes in 3 Hours

Popular items this week have been a $1 pound of carrots from Plymouth Rock Farm and a $2 quart of peas from The Redmer Farm.

Market Open !

Welcoming LGT Mushrooms in Orfordville featuring Fresh Oyster Mushrooms. Cook with a light saute in olive oil or butter; add sea salt at the end. Good to eat with anything: eggs, stir-fry, spaghetti, on top of burgers, etc.

Vegetables this week include…
Organic Veggie Medley $1.50
Garlic $1 – $1.25
Squash $1 – $2
Carrots $1 – $2
Hooker’s Sweet Indian Corn $4 – $6
Five Color Silverbeet Chard $2
Green Arrow Peas $2 – $4
Various Spicy Peppers
Stonehead Cabbage $1.50
Cucumbers $2
Sun-dried Tomatoes $4
Onions $1.50 – $2
Beans – Provider $2
Zucchini $1

Open Until 7pm Tonight

The market is open for a few more hours this week.

A reminder the market is now accepting Credit/Debit cards. After you order there will be an option to pay now with your Credit/Debit card. Thank you for supporting your local farmers and growers!

Market Now Open !

New this week: Amish Rocambole Garlic Bulbs. The taste is described as rich, hot and strong without being too spicy. They have a great taste but shorter storage of about 6 months. Grown from organic seed and utilizing only all natural methods and fertilizers. No pesticides. High Acre Farms. $1.50

Vegetables this week include…
Green Arrow Peas – $2
New Red Potatoes – $3
Early Prolific Straightneck Squash – $2
Zucchini – $2
Five Color Silverbeet Chard – $2
Straight Eight Cucumber – $2
Sun-dried Tomatoes – $4
Garlic Scapes – $3
Stonehead Cabbage – $1
Bag of Salad – $4
Beans – Provider – $2
Leaf Lettuce – $2

Tomorrow - A Special Day at Trautman Family Farm

Trautman Family Farm

Open Farm July 14th

10 years of Transformation & Rebirth
- and -
What Legal Raw Milk Could Be

July 14, 1pm-3pm farm tour, 3-4 dairy tasting & open farm, 4pm potluck, 5pm Hootenany (bring your instrument!)

2049 Skaalen Road, Stoughton WI 53589

More Details:

Market is Now Open !

Featuring Apple Mint from Merry’s Garden of Eatin’ and Plymouth Rock Farms lavender. Fill your home with the scent of lavender !

Vegetables this week include…
Five Color Silverbeet Chard – $2
Straight Eight Cucumber – $2
Sun-dried Tomatoes – $4
Garlic Scapes – $3
Bag of Salad – $4
Green onions (scallions) – $1
Beans – Provider – $2
Leaf Lettuce – $2
Rhubarb-Heirloom Variety – $5

The Market Is Closed Until Next Week!

The market will be closed this week in celebration of Independence Day. We will open again next Sunday. Have a great Holiday and thank you for shopping local!