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Dogs, kids, parents and sushi

My first pickup today was Afton Mini-Mart. Those of you who ordered bread from there today got a treat. It came out of the oven 1 hour before I picked it up. You’re lucky there were no bite marks in your bread.

The alpaca came closer to me today. They thought I was nuts as I was trying to give them all a smooch.

I met a Westie named “Ganooch” at the honey farm in Evansville. He was in charge of the English Cottage type home and grounds. This is the place where you can also get hand crafted lavender soap and other old fashioned smells. I’m partial to Westies, I have one named Rosie. I call her honey or Ganooch. I really do. My word Ganooch is a play on Genache, my favorite chocolate.

I got my own Kimchi today, so I don’t have to look at all of yours any more. Boy is it good! Thanks Barb!

I have met wonderful people, adorable twins, smart and crafty vendors and pets. I heard today that people who love food have good souls. Or something like that. The cooks I’ve met have put their souls into their foods; they create these jars of love that will last long into winter after the last frost kills every vine the food came from.

One of my lessons today was meeting up with an old friend from high school. She’s ill. I’m very sad. I hope she enjoys the goodies sent her way.

Next week we will have a new vendor: Bass Creek Cafe. Coffee Beans and home made goodies will be on their list. Blueberry muffins will be the first treat listed.

Love your life, enjoy the day.

See you soon.


Market closing tonight/order soon!

Hello all. Market closes tonight not before 7pm. Please place your orders.

Sweet corn has been listed, along with acorn squash.

Have you had corn on the grill? Our new favorite way of doing it is shucking down to about 3 skins around the cob. Place on grill. TA-DAAAAAA
That’s it. The silk comes off really easy. Maybe about 5 minutes on each side until husks are almost black.

Grab a couple of steaks for the weekend, order bacon and tomatoes for your BLT. And make sure you get some chocolate or muffins for your Sunday breakfast.

I can deliver to your home for a small fee or meet me at Basics for your order 5:30-6:30 on Thursday.
Would love to meet you all.

See you soon!


Market is open!

Enjoy shopping until Tuesday night at 7pm. Check back often, more items could be listed when vendors check inventory. This beautiful warm weather is good for tomatoes and peppers.

See ya soon.

Alpaca! - see them?

Alpaca Dyer Balls, Mushrooms and friends!

My first visit was to Pacesetters Alpaca on Plymouth Church outside of Beloit. You may want to find out when they’re open and visit. When I can figure out how to add pictures to this, you will see the Alpaca faces. They stared at me when I picked up their dryer balls. hmm…. I wanted to take one home to live in the house, but Mr. Farmer said no.

After traveling for awhile, I ended up at a mushroom farm. They were the best looking oyster mushrooms ever. Mushroom farms tend to be far away from civilization; in the dark….it took me awhile to find my way back to a main road. The items from Bridgets Bakery about put me into a happy trance with their smell. I gained 5 pounds during the ride. That stuff is awesome. The cookies were so big they’re individually wrapped.

I’m now convinced we need to try Kimchi. I had a customer drooling as she opened the bag. drooling… yes, she really was.

I hope you enjoy your products. I’d love to meet you all and share a cookie or two.

See ya soon.

Prepping for delivery and recipe

As I look through all the orders to be processed, it’s amazing to me just how many of you appreciate the vendors products.

With harvest in full swing it makes it tough to prepare gourmet meals. So tonight I threw together something new. I had taken frozen beef stew meat out of the freezer at noon (yep – for dinner). About 4pm, I threw it in a pain with hot olive oil, some garlic powder, season salt and pepper; put the lid on, left it on warm and forgot it. Hmmm…. I thought, an hour later….now what. Gee; there are 4 bushels of tomatoes in my kitchen; do you suppose I should use them? And then what. Here comes the non-measuring Merry. Chop a head of cabbage into shreds, boil water…take skins off of tomatoes. Smoosh them and throw them in the pot, 1/2 an onion from last night’s cuttings, 3 carrots, cause I got tired of peeling them (no potatoes, cause I’m trying to cut back), it looked dry. So I added 1 cup of water, worchestiresheersauce or however you spell that, 2 beef bullions, and put a lid on it. Oh ya – added about 1 cup of freshly made tomato juice (oh so good). Waited until the cabbage was half cooked. This was heavenly. I kind of went Iron Chef on the kitchen. It’s a mess.

See ya tomorrow if you ordered.

Market Closing Tonight

Almost time to close down the market for the week. Have you thought about what you want to cook this weekend?

How about a creamy pasta salad with fresh cucumbers and tomatoes. Or combine tomatoes, basil with a roast in the crockpot.

See ya soon

Market is open!

Check around to see new items listed. Try some great bread from Afton Market at only $2.95 per pound loaf, freshly baked. Wonderful cookies and brownies and more from Bridgets Bakery. Jam, jelly, carrots, garlic bulbs. So many choices. Here’s the website and I will be in touch.

Opening tomorrow night - be prepared

The market will open up tomorrow night to allow our farmers time to inventory and prepare fresh items for your shopping pleasure. Think about what you like; what you see; what you’re hungry for.

Today; we have plenty of orient express cucumbers. They’re a thin, burpless type; very crisp and tasty. I’m going to prepare them by peeling and slicing them thin. Here’s the trick for my salad. Put them all in a colander in the sink. Sprinkle with a couple teaspoons of salt (remember, I don’t measure much). Let them drain for one hour. Pat them dry with paper towels. Now whatever dressing you choose to use will not become watery.

My dressing will be a combination of sour cream, fresh dill, vinegar, a little sugar, salt and pepper.

Get excited this weekend and prepare for next!

Talk to you again tomorrow. Have a wonderful day out in this sunshine!

Thank you for today and challenge

Today was my first day delivering wonderful goodies to you all.

First; I was given a challenge by a nice person to do something good for someone. “Pay it Forward”…. I will, not only once, but several times. You know who you are and I thank you for the reminder. I appreciate your kindness and your smile. I encourage you all to Pay It Forward in honor of this person today.

Second; let me tell you about the smells and taste I had today. The dill was full and aromatic, the handcrafted soaps smelled wonderful, like I had gone back in time, the fresh crisp veggies were ready for someone’s dinner, and the chocolate cream cheese brownie from Bridget’s Bakery was rich and full of flavor. We still have an M&M brownie in the fridge, it may not last until midnight.

Thanks to all of you for your patience and your kindness. I am going to like this.

If you have suggestions, let me know. I would love to hear from you.