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Quiche, Bread & driving

Today was my first experience at Paoli Local Foods. Love the place. If you would like to take a beautiful drive to somewhere you’ve never been, look up Paoli Local Foods. It’s a lovely local café with tables and umbrellas set outside. The quiche is a half pounder. It is extremely yummy. Paoli is a teeny town to the west of Oregon, Wisconsin. You really can’t get there from here. Their mailing address is Belleville, but you want to go actually to Paoli. I would highly suggest a fall drive on a beautiful day to find this place.

I made a new homemade Panini, herb and cheese bread from Bridgets bakery, sliced big boy tomatoes, Havarti cheese, grilled once again. The bread was freshly made as always. Her orders are not filled until Thursday morning. You can’t get any fresher than that.

I ate 2 sandwiches and am craving another one. It beats the heck out of the meat stick and pretzel combos I ate in the car while driving around.

The produce I picked up today was beautiful. The watermelons were so big I was afraid I was going to drop one and own it myself.

I had a conversation with a good friend this week. It’s nice to take care of your neighbors when they take care of you. My friend suggested ordering goodies on-line for her neighbors. I find that an awesome idea. If you want to order some goodies for a friend, order as normal, use your credit or debit card and put instructions in the comments of who to delivery to and where. I will call them ahead of time and tell them I have a delivery. I will show up at their door with fresh produce, bakery items, coffee or alpaca balls. You know I love alpaca balls.

See ya soon.


7pm closing coming soon.

Place your orders soon. The market closes tonight at 7pm.

Don’t forget the new items, Quiche slices under breakfast items and pie pumpkins.

I’m thinking again of white chocolate raspberry muffins from Bridgets and Bass Creek fresh coffee beans (ground if you wish)for Sunday breakfast on the deck.
And then maybe those rye bread panini’s.

But Thursday about noon, I’ll be at Paoli Foods eating my own Quiche slice. ooohhhh,numnumnumnum.

See ya soon.


New items!

You asked and it is happening. Spooky Pie Pumpkins were listed today.

Quiche slices from Ruegsgegger farms are also listed. Entire pies are available for $35.00 plus pan deposit. Email me for more info. I will list those as soon as I can.

_Comments by customers

“Worth the Trip” (to Paoli for the Quiche) Wisconsin State Journal
“Best quiche ever”
“Best Quiche in the world”
“So light and fluffy yet so filling”
“Crust is just so incredibly moist yet flaky”_

More fall items will be listed soon. I personally cannot wait for parsnips. Love those things.

If you have already placed an order and wish to order new items, just go in and re-order more. I’ll combine the invoices at delivery.

See ya soon.


Tell me!

We have a nice variety of products to off you. Tell me what else you would like. A specific farm vendor? A specific business? We are working on a cheese vendor and a leather crafter. You let me know what I can bring to your home and I will work on it.

See ya soon.


Website Address

Market Open!

Today’s breakfast was my version of a panini. In the old days we used to call these toasted cheese sandwiches. They’re now fancied up so they have a fancy name. I used Bridget Bakery’s rye bread and big boy tomatoes. I made a concoction of melted butter and olive oil with some garlic. The bread was then slathered in that mixture on the cooking side. I layered sliced tomatoes with a little sea salt, frozen basil (from last year) and mozzarella cheese. I panfried these huge pieces of joy in a cast iron pan. We use cast iron all the time. Some are grandma’s, some are our newer ones. There’s nothing better than these non-stick cast iron beauties of they’re seasoned correctly.

I walked out to the garden with my little Westie dog Rosie and picked a cubanelle and green pepper. We stir fryed those along with Plymouth Rock’s Copra onions and threw in some eggs. I would say that was a great breakfast.

Tonight we’re having Skelly’s sweetcorn and melons. They are another great local business.

It’s time to start thinking about winter; I’m sorry….

What do you want to be able to retrieve out of your basement pantry? I’m going to order basil and freeze a bag. Very easy to do, rinse lightly, pat dry and stick in a freezer container of your choice. No need to unthaw to use, your hand warmth will be enough to make a few leaves pliable. Very good in January on a pizza or in spaghetti.

Oh yes we also had bloody mary’s for brunch. Homemade tomato juice and special seasonings. We then got company and gave them bloody mary’s. They finally just left…..

See ya soon.


Integrity and Joyful

Lessons I learned today.

Integrity. Again, I found homemade bread warm, so warm I had to come back so it could cool down. I saw blueberry muffins still in the tin from the oven and I watched the coffee being ground. Our baker out of Evansville (Bridget) recipes are pure recipes, not shipped in dough. Homemade. All homemade. All of your producers make it themselves. I picked up organic goodies at a farm where the gentleman farmer was repairing his lawn mower and talking to the wild turkeys. He really was. He had the turkey call perfected. I know this because I’ve heard it from my own back yard from the wild turkeys.

I do not pick up your goodies from box stores. I pick them up from mom and pop bakeries, farms, and hobby kitchens. I see where they come from and how hard these people work. They’re local, they’re your neighbors.

It’s fun to know that at 1pm I have in my hands the product that will be in your home by 6:30.

To my friend with bread…I did not nibble. lol

As we were driving from farm to farm, my adult son called it joyful. It was a beautiful drive on a beautiful day.

Integrity and Joyful.

I would like to thank the vendors who stand behind their products. And I would like to thank the customers who respect and enjoy these products.

A special thanks to a lovely lady who made my day. I hope you enjoy your coffee.

One last word; Raspberry white chocolate muffin. I still have crumbs in my car. It was worth it.

See ya soon.


Market closes at 7pm.

Market closes at 7pm. Only one hour left to order!

Thank you.

Merry is Monday

Due to the holiday weekend, you may have forgotten today is Monday, not Sunday. Please consider placing your order so it doesn’t slip your mind. New items this week are freshly ground coffee beans and and organic golden acorn squash.

Average first frost date for this area is October 10th. Our market is pretty lucky that we have homemade goodies that will be available way beyond frost date; however, get your fill of frost sensitive items now. There will be no tomatoes in 2 months (booo hoooo).

Don’t forget my work challenge; how about muffins, coffee, cookies, fresh bread for toast and honey or jam on it. I would love to see you on Friday morning with food to make you and your coworkers happy. $25.00 order and free delivery within the Janesville/Beloit area.

See you soon.


Market is Open, and something new!

This week we welcome several new customers and Bass Creek Cafe/Espresso as our new vendor.
We offer their coffee beans, either ground or whole and huge juicy blueberry muffins. When ordering their coffee, please indicate in comments if you want the beans ground or left whole.

Check back often, as vendors add new items as they inventory their fields or their pantries.

I’d like to try something a little new. Those of you who work know just how important food is at work. If someone brings in treats, you all hover to that area like you’ve never been fed. I have been a part of that grazing for years. You and your coworkes get together and create a new logon and decide to place an order for goodies, I will deliver them to you at work on Friday morning before, so you can all have a treat. You will pay the entire amount when I deliver or of course you can charge your purchase as normal. For a limited time, those businesses in the Beloit/Janesville area will receive free delivery with over $25.00 in purchases. Please finalize your “Friday Farmer Food” order and submit before 7pm on Tuesday.

Nothing else changes; place your orders as you normally do and I will deliver to your home for a small fee or I shall meet you at Basics in Janesville Thursday night between 5:30 and 6:30.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of your faces again this week. I feel honored to bring you hardworking local vendors foods and wares. Where else can you get Landjegers, Alpaca socks, carrots, bread, coffee, jelly and soap, all in one bag straight to you. We do the work, you stay home and wait.

Thank you all.

See you soon.