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Even though there was a light frost, the market has lots of things still available. Look for red and green leaf lettuce, hickory nuts, muffins and bread, coffee and jam, kimchi, honey and ground beef.

Picture this: you’re in a hot tub with oganic sea scrub, a fresh cup of coffee, Beeswax candles lit, with fresh bread and honey on a fancy plate next to you. You might call yourself Cleopatra.

Market closes tonight at 7pm. Get your order in.

Perfect Day for Harvest Fest Wrap up

The market will open later today for your shopping pleasure.

If you’re looking for something to do today, come to Afton for the final Harvest Fest day. There are tractor pulls at Afton PubnPark.

Afton Mini-Mart is open today. They carry the bread that you can order on this website. They also have all these wonderful gooey homemade bakery items. I am presently eating a Suzi Who, which is a top layer and bottom layer of very moist devils food type cake and a middle layer of whipped cream gooey stuff. There are pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting piled high. They were baking way into the night, cause I walked in on them at 10:00 pm thinking they were still open. They also make wonderful sub sandwiches with the homemade bread they make.

The cool weather will slow down the crops now. This weather is essential for the crops…and the farmers… they need to go to bed sometime. Winter is for sleeping. The ground will cool down and the root crops will be plentiful. Some crops love a light frost, find the best broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale, spinach after frost. Parsnips, beets and carrots love this weather.

Let me tell you a carrot story. I was gifted some Redmer Farm carrots from a customer of ours. Carrots – you know – you can buy them everywhere…whooppee…
We put 3 fat carrots in a GoGreen Pan with a little virgin olive oil. We only washed them, did not peel them. We put a lid on top and left them and kinda forgot them. Let Me Tell You… they were the best carrots I’ve ever had and we have raised carrots for 240 years. I will never ever again say carrots are all alike.

And the Gogreen pan reference? I previously said I only cook with cast iron. True – I was curious about this gogreen pan. We bought it and I love it. There’s a part of me that was from the Teflon era. I can’t imagine how much of that black teflon crap I ingested before I came out of my Teflon coma. The GoGreen pan reminds me of Teflon, in a happy way. I will never give up cast iron, but sometimes I need to try something new.

You may see me at the PubnPark today at 5pm. We’re in a raffle for a new tractor. A 1941 John Deere. I want to try something new.

See ya soon.


7pm Closing

Get your order in!

Country Life

I met Sadie today on my drive. She’s about 6 months old, part poodle and some other gorgeous breed. As she darted out of the garage, she jumped up on me like I was her long lost friend. And she marked me a little, pee’d right at my feet. We are now forever friends. A dog in the country is a lucky dog. Her neighbor friend was there to pick her up and play with her. Sadie took off to her house with her feet flying through the air. Pure joy. Her parents grow some of the vegetables you order. I picked up fresh aromatic basil, thyme and sage, pumpkins, squash & daikon radishes and jam and pickles. Plymouth Rock does it all. If you judge an owner by their pets, these people are choice. Sadie is one extremely lucky country dog.

Pacesetter Alpaca are hosting tours this weekend. 9-4 on Saturday, 12-4 I believe on Sunday. They are located on Plymouth Church Road near Beloit. You should go, but you can’t take one home, I tried. Alpaca’s are the cutest thing since country dogs.

If you want a beautiful drive, start with Pacesetters, drive up to Bridgets Bakery in Evansville, try Paoli local foods west of Oregon and maybe end up at Staller’s winery near Whitewater. Staller’s is not one of our vendors (yet), but I swear they are the best local winery I’ve tasted. They grow their own grapes.

Speaking of Bridgets Bakery; I forgot to press “send” on my order. Dash It All! (say that with an English accent please) Lucky me they had what I wanted on the shelf, 2 white chocolate raspberry muffins and rye bread. After Bridgets I go to Paoli Foods and my son bought a mint brownie, a walnut brownie and a Root Beer Malt – yes I said Malt…. I stole part of his walnut brownie and tasted his malt. You may detect a pattern here. I buy sweets. I tend to lean towards high protein diets. Please quit laughing. I ate a huge walnut out of the middle of the walnut brownie, so I think I have eaten the right amount of protein. And the malt had nutritious value I am sure. And then I came home and ate half a white chocolate raspberry muffin with coffee. The fruit group is covered.

I am a lucky person. I got to drive all over the country today. Suddenly the Green Acres themesong is an earworm. I do fancy myself a Gabor sister. To those under 35ish I apologize for the peculiar reference. Look up Green Acres on Youtube and you’ll see me. I’m the beautiful blonde wife.

See ya soon.


7pm closing

Market closes at 7pm. Put your order in now!

7pm closing

Market closes at 7pm. Put your order in now!

Market Open

Plymouth Rock Farms has pumpkins! Large pumpkins and pie pumpkins. For your amusement, I will waddle up to your door with a 20 pound pumpkin. Other options would be to order pumpkin pies, pumpkin muffins or pumpkin bread. There will be no waddling involved with those items.

Think about gifts for friends. Would they enjoy a large pumpkin delivery at their home?

If you have several gifts in mind, do an individual order for each person including name, address and phone, include the delivery charge; and then close out (complete) that invoice. Start again for your next recipient. It is best if you use debit or credit card the order, can meet me at Basics Thursday night to pay.

Soy free duck eggs are available through Ruegseggers now. They have lots of good stuff available on-line and at their store in Paoli.

The season is winding down now. The average first frost date is October 10th. Don’t give up on our farmers though, there will be good fall items to purchase. I’m looking forward to parsnips. Roasted parsnips with a chuck roast in the oven are very good.

Today’s menu in my house was caramel apple bread pudding. I made the whole thing from scratch, even the caramel sauce, except the bread; I used Afton mini-mart bread. I’ll post the recipe on this site under the recipe tab. I love to bake on a Sunday afternoon during football. The smells from the oven neutralize the yelling in the living room. I even got a huge compliment inbetween plays.

See ya soon.


Gifts by Delivery

I had a great drive on Thursday. I met a nice neighbor; Lu, who accepted delivery for her friend. The customer called me however, cause her stuff was missing. I don’t believe Lu ate her quiche, but I won’t swear to it.

Paoli Foods was bustling (Ruegsegger). Again, if you want a beautiful fall drive, go to Paoli and browse this cool store. I shall post a couple pictures. Want organic polenta, here’s the place.

New this week, I delivered gift baskets. A new customer (thanks!) ordered a bunch of stuff for a friend. She provided the basket and I combined all of the goodies she ordered and delivered it. Is this a good idea or what!

She wished another order go to her mother. I put that order in a reusable shopping bag and delivered it.

How about deliveries to teachers for the holidays? To your mom, to your grandma, to your neighbors, to your best employee…. they would all love to receive chocolate muffins, coffee, jams, breads, and anything else that is still available that time of year. I can do that for you. Place your order, and email me telling me this is a gift. I will discuss with you how to bag your goodies up. You can provide me with the basket or bag, or I can purchase one for you for a fee. I know I’d rather receive a pumpkin pie in a bag than flowers… well, maybe….

Duck Eggs are coming. That quacks me up.

See you soon!


Closing at 7pm-hurry!

Market closes tonight at 7pm. Place your orders soon.

Market Open

The market is open for your shopping pleasure. Please check back often as there will be new items listed before Tuesday at 7pm when market closes.