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Over and Out

Yesterday I was very Merry. As I sit here this morning eating half a cheddar scone and a slice of Maui bread, I reflect on where I was 6 months ago and where I am now. I came to you because the big boss needed help. I am a thinker. Don’t call me a worrier; that’s a negative thing. So I thought out this new proposition; sure I can travel to farms, deliver to customers; sure… sure I can… When did this thing become alive. How did this simple pickup and delivery service become an emotional part of my week?

Here’s the emotional part;
I stop at Plymouth Rock to see a HUGE pickup. Most definitely the biggest pickup from them I’ve had. All of you appreciate their hard work. As I was sorting through their orders, that were beautiful crisp greens, pumpkins, canned goodies, squash and my tomato marmalade (thankyou)…the neighbor came over to play with Sadie. Remember Sadie? The cute little dog who piddled at my feet last time? Well she’s a little bigger, now she resembles a muppet. I got a happy, jumping, bounding, hyperactive greeting. she would run and run and come back to me and jump and jump when suddenly she realized – “Oh hey – I’m going next door”. Put a cape on that dog and you have Mighty Dog! Away she flew. She was at the neighbors house before she could get back on her 4wheeler to go home. Goodbye Sadie. You are an awesome dog.

The Alpacas; they were running to my car thinking I had treats. I don’t know what alpaca’s eat as treats or I would have had some. They kept their distance however. I will miss your hairy faces and crooked teeth.

Ganooch the honey pooch detected me on his porch. Suddenly he became alert; “who are you; what are you doing; I’m telling my parents”, but he kept looking at me putting his head through the lovely lace curtains at this great little cottage. He really didn’t care about me, he looked at the cars and the birds and the trees and just has a happy life. See ya next year Ganooch.

Bridgets Bakery; I got a load of bakery items. You guys know what good baked stuff is. I got my share for the freezer also. Bridget and her family are very nice people. All of our businesses are family run. She makes all of her stuff from scratch. My son; who travels with me on most Thursdays, say that they all want to talk to you mom. He didn’t say it exactly like that, but that is what I can put in print here. Yes I talk a lot. Oops.

Ground to Table; a beautiful family that makes homemade goodies, plus wheatgrass for your pets. You can find them at Fort Atkinson farmers market during the season. Thank you for my treats Barb. I found Kimchi through you. Good stuff! I will miss seeing your well thought out beautiful landscape and calming environment.

Redmer Farms; You work so hard producing organic vegetables, loading up your product and getting them to a place where I can pick them up. Your customers love you. I love your carrots! There was a story once where I forgot your watermelon in my car for a customer… don’t ask me how I didn’t see it – it was huge, but I drove back to her to make sure she got it the same day. She loved it.

Afton Mini Mart; I’m sure I’ll see you tomorrow, you’re that close. It was very bothersome to pickup warm bread every week, so warm the plastic couldn’t be sealed until I got there. I wanted to eat them. Yes I have a carb issue. It’s probably your fault too.

Bass Creek; You know I love you guys. I’ll be up to have some biscuits and gravy and a mocha soon. It’s a beautiful place to sit and watch the snow slowly fall. They’re not open on Sundays, but you may find me up there on a Saturday if you want to sit and chat.

All of you customers…(more emotions appearing), you are simply not people who want good food, you are lovely, honest, giving, hard working, appreciative, kind individuals. I was challenged my first week to pay it forward. All of you do that every week; you’re that kind of people, it’s easy to pay it forward when in the presence of all of you. You’re uplifting. You truly are.

To Basics who let us land there every Thursday night. I had a hoot. You play the best music. We danced. “Secret Agent Man” is my favorite. Maybe we should start a dance club in front of the windows at Basics. Considering I threw out my knee a couple weeks ago dancing, I’m still willing to commit to this activity. What a better story… “Oh how did you hurt your knee?” “Dancing to Blurred Lines” said I. (don’t go visual please)

I would also like to thank Rick and Deidre. You’re awesome bosses. This was great.

So as the winter approaches, and our gardens have all croaked, light your fireplace, get your blankie, hug your dog or significant other, enjoy the holidays and remember that the earth is just waiting for you next spring.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

I am