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Check these out.

The market closes tonight at 7pm. There are some good peppers on line that you may be overlooking. Poblano’s are my favorite. I love Chile Rellano’s at El Jardine’s and cannot make them right, but this is my version. Cut poblano in half, roast or not roast – don’t care. Seed them. I sprinkle some parmesan cheese in the bottom, then some mozzarella, then a slice of tomato and then some monterey jack cheese with some panko crumbs on top. I then bake those babies for 15 minutes or so at 350. Just keep looking at the oven to make sure the cheese dosn’t does burn.

Peppers also easily freeze. Cut then up and put them in a ziploc. I use them all winter in stews, chili, pizza etc. Be creative. In January you will be happy you did.

If you’ve followed my advice, you will now have frozen basil, frozen tomatoes and frozen peppers. Sounds like an interesting crockpot meal in the winter.

If you with to follow me on Facebook, search for Merry’s Garden of Eatin’. We can chat about recipes, gardening, winter harvest and fun things I find. Or email me at
I will post what I have been doing with our frozen delights. And I will let you know how the cherry and grape wine turned out. The last taste before racking was sweet grape and dry cherry. One more racking and we should have the crud removed.

We close tonight for the last time at 7pm. If you have placed an order and wish more, don’t attempt to alter your first order, just add another one. I can always fix it.

See ya soon,