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Prepare for last order!

I will send another reminder tomorrow before I open market for it’s last week of the season.

I came into this market as manager just a few months ago. You would think the best thing about an on-line farmers market is the produce/products. For me, the best thing was the people I met. And a few animals,Ganooch, Sadie, 2 anonymous white shepards, whining alpaca’s, a little dog in a yellow car. A couple of miracle twins finally smiled at me. Their parents have been smiling since they were born.

Let me tell you about the products I’ve enjoyed. Last night we had potstickers (no one grows them), but on the side we had Plum and Pepper Sweet and sour sauce from Ground to Table. It was the best I’ve ever had. Their apple honey jam is awesome too. Ground to table has Maui bread that the jam would be great on!
In your mind picture an old fashioned gift shop with candles, small lights, beautiful crystal and knick knacks and smells….. the smells can be purchased from Bridget’s bee’s or Ananda Organics in the form of soaps or scrubs. There is no actual gift shop, but that is what the smells remind me of. And they’re hand crafted, so they’re much better for your skin and last longer too.
Bridgets bakery offers awesome breads, muffins, pies and treats. Buy what you can now and freeze for later. You know I love the white chocolate raspberry muffins. Rye bread havarti toasted cheese was awesome. In the summer we added fresh tomatoes to that mix. We’ll see what I add through the winter.
Plymouth Rock and Redmer Farms have delighted me with jams and carrots. They have many loyal customers who will miss their produce.
Afton Mini-Mart and Bass Creek are both within a half of mine of our little farm. I am very lucky to get bread, coffee, muffins and homecooked meals whenever I want. You may find my son at any time at Afton Mini-Mart ordering a sub sandwich with homemade bread. If you get a chance to drive to Afton, try out both of those businesses. Basscreek has great biscuits and gravy, breakfast and lunch specials. I love their mocha’s. It’s all good.

I will never forget my drive to Paoli Local Foods/Ruegseggers. It’s a beautiful area and there are great items to eat there and take away.

I’m already missing the garden and new fresh prodduce. I’m anxious to plant stuff in the greenhouse early spring. Early baby lettuce would be wonderful right now.

So – make this last week a good one. If you would like a Friday delivery instead of Thursday – I can do this for you. Just indicate so on the invoice. Let’s prove to the boss (Thanks R&D)that we will miss this market. I know I will.
On-line market will open tomorrow afternoon for the last time of the year.

See ya Soon.