Ruegsegger Farms

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Located in South Central Wisconsin, in the rolling hills just outside of New Glarus the Ruegsegger Farm has been in their family since 1958 when Ken’s father Albert, who farmed it as a dairy, pork, and egg business purchased it. Ken has operated the farm since 1980. Initially specializing in dairy Ken received numerous quality and quantity awards. Diversification started when he butchered a steer, and sold two quarters to friends, next it was a pig, then eggs, and before long the Dairy herd was sold. Now the Ruegseggers – Ken, his wife Sherrie, and their two youngest sons Aaron – 18 and Clark – 14 are raising and direct marketing beef, pork, veal, lamb, eggs, chicken, bison and ostrich.

Today, the Ruegsegger family raises their livestock as Ken learned from his father, with patience. Because there are no hormones or antibiotics used, the animals are healthier, but take a little longer to mature. Conversely commercial beef are implanted with hormones regularly, and fed antibiotics every day to keep them alive and growing fast while living on concrete in a confined feedlot. On the other hand The Ruegseggers’ cattle are pastured up until the day they are slaughtered, living as “naturally” as possible.

Their meats are processed in small, family owned, quality driven plants where every animal/bird is checked by a Certified Wisconsin State Inspector. Their beef and buffalo are aged for up to 27 days before packaging to bring out the tenderness and maximum natural flavor. The meats are then flash frozen to ensure a fresh, safe product for you.

Ruegsegger Farms products are Wisconsin State inspected, licensed, and insured. Farm fresh eggs are washed, and packed as nest run, they are not graded or sized except for Pullets and Jumbos which are limited in availability.

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