Trautman Family Farm


Certified Organic

Grassfed Beef
Pastured Pork, Eggs
Certified Organic Farm & 100% Grass Dairy

Come on out and see what a great Wisconsin Family grazing farm looks like! Family Farms are alive and thriving – in Wisconsin.

*Pastured! Happy, low stress animals mean for the best tasting food — that you can feel good about. NO GRAIN involved in finishing.
*Mineralized, Balanced soils = high quality, mineralized forages = the healthiest and best possible quality.
*No antibiotics/growth hormones/any kind of funny business.
*Our farm is certified organic, which means our grass, hay are as well. Our processing differs little to not at all from certified organic, but the processing is not certified at this time. This will not allow us to afix the USDA Organic label to our meat.
*Come see how we raise our animals, see how we farm. The more you know about how and why we do what we do, the better you’re going to feel about buying and eating food from our farm.

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